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BRIZA TouchMobile by Mobile Epiphany is designed for any organization seeking a robust and flexible mobile platform to optimize its business processes and workflows.

What makes it different?

We focus on:

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The ME Process suite of tools. makes the platform quickly and easily configurable to create enterprise class mobile applications optimized for assets, inspections, work orders, and process optimization for any industry.

Once deployed and operational, processes and workflows can be altered without the need for programming

Its intuitive touch-enabled user interface ensures the fastest, most accurate and multi-media data capture thereby delivering significant cost and operational savings to your business.

Experience how TOUCH Mobile will dramatically enhance the efficiency, speed, accuracy and accountability of your field operations.

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Anything that gets measured gets done

Paperless Meetings and Document Sharing

Enhance the efficiency and accountability of your Board and Executive meetings with Boardpad.

BoardPad enables secure meetings and document collaboration through our innovative combination of governance expertise and the development of the latest, user-friendly technology. BoardPad runs on any Windows or Apple device and features:

  • Full encryption for maximum security
  • Text, voice, handwritten and free draw annotations.
  • Electronic voting and resolution management
  • Private visual reading rooms
  • Electronic version control of documents

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ICSA Boardroom Apps Limited (IBAL) is a software company of

ICSA (the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators) and a sister company of ICSA Software International Limited.









Mobility means collaboration anywhere and anytime

Remote Asset Tracking & Interfacing

Lone Worker Protection


Designed to alert supervisory teams when lone workers are in have an accident or are in dangerous environments.

Features include:

Lone Mobile Phone Tracking


Key features include:

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Connect to anyone or any system from anywhere

Industrial Grade Mobile Devices

Tablet Computers



With a complete line-up of ruggedized tablet PCs, accessories, software and wireless infrastructure, Motion empowers mobile workers at the point of service.

Handheld Computers




Founded in 1993, Juniper Systems, Inc. has become a world-leader in ultra-rugged handheld computers and intuitive field computing solutions.

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Intrinsically Safe Equipment



Intrinsically safe equipment is designed for use in hazardous and explosive environments. These include oil and gas, chemicals, petrochemicals, mining, pharmaceuticals, energy and the environment.  

Rugged Mobile Phones



Founded in 1993, Juniper Systems, Inc. has become a world-leader in ultra-rugged handheld computers and intuitive field computing solutions.

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Investing in purpose built devices ensures the highest safety, best performance and ROI


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